Help your design and copy teams stay organized with Jumpchart

Make sure all your moving parts are moving in the right direction. Your design team can finally pull clean content, your copywriters can draft distraction-free web copy, and the clients can get looped in at every step of the project.

Know who is working on what

Know who is working on what

And when they’re working on it, without interrupting their flow with emails. Jumpchart is an online project management software to help web design teams excel together. Subscribe to your project’s RSS feed to get an aggregated activity stream and keep everyone organized.

Keep everyone in the loop

  • Deliver up-to-date projects
  • Review approvals
  • Track latest copy changes
  • Review older versions with version control
  • Share deliverables on time
  • Organize collaboration between designers and writers

Website planning doesn’t have to be messy

We think you’ll really love organizing website copy in Jumpchart. It’s fast, lightweight, and empowering.

Pick Your Plan and Start Organizing with Jumpchart.