Jumpchart for Project Managers

Jumpchart IS Project Management

Follow a website’s progress at a glance with an overview on the project homepage. Or look up close on the detail page. Quickly check notes, leave comments, and review project deliverables to make sure all your moving parts are moving in the right direction.

Know who’s working on what…

And when they’re working on it, without having to interrupt their flow with more chat boxes or emails. Jumpchart is an online project management software made so web design teams can excel, not stall out in disorganized limbo.

Keep information architects, web developers, designers, copywriters and clients in the loop…

By collaboratively managing projects with Jumpchart. Have confidence the design agency and clients are both seeing exactly what you’re seeing, so you can deliver the most up-to-date work.

Jumpchart is client-friendly and customizable…

Give clients full access or view-only access depending on their level of involvement in the web design project.

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