Jumpchart for Information Architects

Using Jumpchart to Plan Information Architecture

If you’re an information architect you know how difficult it can be to sort out the content in a website. Harder still is illustrating the revised content plan to your clients. It’s a tough but important gig.

When we built Jumpchart we purposefully decided to concentrate on content. It fills the gap between card sorting and visual wireframing where many projects fall down. Jumpchart helps you quickly and simply show any project collaborators exactly how it feels to navigate the website as proposed. Better still— it’s a great way to gather feedback, create content hierarchy, and even mock up forms.

Keeping it Simple, Advanced…

What you might love most about Jumpchart is that it uses ideas and formats you’re already familiar with. You can format content in textile or HTML— even a lot of Javascript will work just fine. You can also take advantage of the many shortcuts Jumpchart has built in to speed up your workflow.

For example:

Give Jumpchart a Try.

We think if you give Jumpchart a try in your next IA project, you’ll realize it fills a niche you’ve needed all along.

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