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Working with Snippets

What’s a Snippet?

A snippet is your own addition to the textile system that Jumpchart uses for text replacement. If you find yourself using or referencing one chunk of text often, save yourself the time of retyping it over and over by creating a snippet. Then, next time you use that content, enter the snippet and Jumpchart will plug in the rest for you.

How to Create a Snippet

In edit mode, select “Manage Snippets” from the “Bracket” icon dropdown. From there, click “Add New Snippet.” Then give your snippet a title, and plug in the content. Click “Create Snippet” to save. Your new snippet will then be visible from the “Bracket” icon dropdown.

Tip! When you make a new a snippet, it’ll be accessible from only the project you’re creating it in. If you want to be able to access it from any project, click the checkbox for “Global Snippet” when you’re creating it. You can always make existing project snippets global by clicking “edit” in the “Manage Snippets” section.

Using Your Snippets

There are two ways to implement a snippet you’ve created, the first is to enter the title of your snippet into your content surrounded by double brackets, like this: [[Snippet Title]]. The second way is to use the Snippets option in the toolbar.

When you save and exit edit mode, your snippet will be replaced with the replacement text.

Editing Your Snippets

To edit a snippet you’ve created, click the “Manage Snippets” dropdown option from the “Brackets” menu icon. Hover over the snippet you’d like to edit, and click “Edit” from the pop-up options. Make your changes, then click “Save snippet.”

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