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Transitioning to the New Jumpchart

If you’ve been a Jumpchart customer for a while, we’re thrilled you’re taking the next step with us by way of this latest version! But you might have some questions about what happens to your old account once you’re set up with a new one.

Automatic Account Migration

When you log in to your current account and click the “get started” button on the notification banner at the top of your page, we automatically create a new account for you in the new version. A couple key things you should know here:

  • Your projects will not be transferred – only the existence of your account. See below for a note on project migration.
  • Your plan on the new version will be the same level as your existing plan. (Free plan on the previous version = free plan on the new version, etc.)

You’ll Essentially Sign Up For a New Account.

The new Jumpchart runs completely separately from the previous version. Which is why the account migration process essentially signed you up for a brand new account using the same credentials you had before! You may use the same email address for both accounts, as both versions of Jumpchart will continue to exist simultaneously.

What Happens to the Previous Version of Jumpchart?

The older version of Jumpchart will remain up and running; however, while we will discontinue updates to that version, we’re happy to continue providing support for it. On that note, we will not accept any new signups for the previous version moving forward.

Can You Switch Between Accounts?

Yes, you can hop between accounts anytime by clicking the “Previous Version” or “New Version” footer links, depending on which version you’re working from.

What About Your Projects?

You may access your existing projects any time by logging in to your previous Jumpchart account. They aren’t going anywhere! However, you will need to manually transition them to your new account if you intend to continue working on them in the new version. If you find you need to migrate a large or complex project, please reach out to support@jumpchart.com – we may be able to help you with that!

If You Haven’t Already…

Check out all the features of the brand new Jumpchart right here. And when you’re ready, go ahead and make the switch by clicking here!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.Contact Support