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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication and is, basically, a way to gather information from a website without having to actually access the site through your browser. For a plain english explanation of RSS, check out this video.

RSS is really helpful for collecting news or blog articles or keeping up with breaking developments because you don’t have to visit 10 different websites— all the content is brought to you through your RSS reader.

In Jumpchart you can subscribe to three different RSS feeds. The global feed consists of all updates across all your projects. When anyone changes anything this feed will let you know. The global comments feed is composed of all the comments that are made on any of your projects. This is a great way to be alerted when a client comments on part of your Jumpchart. The last feed is a project-specific feed. This feed is just like the global feed, in that you are alerted to all changes and comments, but it is only for a specific project.

There are many applications (readers) that let you collect and read RSS feeds.

Jumpchart offers three different types of RSS feeds for your content.

Project-Specific RSS Feed

This feed provides a stream with all recent activity (including changes and comments) related to only one specific project that you have access to. Objectively it will show you who edited, added or removed something inside that project. The link can be found at any page of any project you’re looking at; if your Web browser is capable of handling RSS links, it will show in your address bar. As an alternative, there’s also an orange button at the footer of the screen.

Global RSS and Global Comments RSS Feed

This one provides a stream with recent activity (again, including changes and comments) aggregated from all projects you have access to (not just the ones you created yourself, but also the ones you were invited to collaborate on). It’s perfect for you to keep track of what other collaborators recently worked on.

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