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Managing Custom Fields in Your Project’s Settings

Jumpchart lets you create and manage custom fields so your project can be as complete as you need it to be when it’s time to export to .CSV later.

For example, let’s say you want the content’s author to be included on each page of your project. You can add that field to your project’s settings. Then that information will be included in the export files.

Create a New Custom Field

Let’s walk through how to create a new custom field. On your main projects page, hover over the project you want to edit. On the far right, click “Project Settings.” Next, click “Custom Fields.”

Click “Add New Custom Field” and then give the field a name. You can also add a default value for that field if you want – you can always change it on the individual page settings later.

Edit or Delete a Custom Field

Custom fields are project specific, not global, so they only apply to that one project rather than all the projects in your Jumpchart account.

To edit or delete a custom field, go to your Project Settings, accessible from the main project page. Click “Custom Fields” to see a list of all your custom fields. Hover over the custom field you want to edit or delete, and choose the appropriate action that appears to the right.

Managing Custom Fields Per Page

To enter or change the value of the custom field, click the “Settings” link at the bottom of the content page. The changes you make to each page will be specific to that page and won’t be applied throughout the entire project.

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