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Formatting Links

Formatting Internal Links

There are two ways to create links to other pages within your Jumpchart project.

The first is to manually write the link. Simply surround the anchor text (that’s the text you want to actually be the link) in quotes, add a semicolon and then put the name of the page you’re linking to in brackets. Like this:

"Learn more here!":[Home page]

You’ll notice that as you start typing the name of the page you’re linking to, Jumpchart will help you out with a smart auto-completer. When the right page appears in front of your cursor, hit tab to finish the formatting.

The second way to format an internal link is to use the toolbar. Highlight your anchor text, and select “internal link” from the link icon’s dropdown menu. Then all you have to do is type in the name of the page.

Formatting Internal Links with the Same Page Name

When pages throughout the Jumpchart have the same name, you can specify which page you want to link to when using the internal link shortcut.

Click on “Internal Link” from the formatting menu inside the edit mode of your content page. Jumpchart will generate the syntax used to link to another page inside your project – you just have to fill in the blanks!

For this example, we’ll use “Web Developers.” Let’s say we have two pages named “Web Developers” – one of them is under a parent section called “Jumpchart Uses” and the other section is called “Support Documents.” Make sure to include the parent section in the internal link you’re specifying. If you don’t specify the parent page, your link will look like this, and possibly point to the wrong place.

"Web Developers":[Web Developers]

To make sure the link goes to the correct subpage, add the “parent/”. The link I want to reference is under the parent page “Support Documents.” Now it looks like this:

"Web Developers":[Support Documents/Web Developers]

Continue this format as deep as the navigation may go.

Formatting External Links

Formatting external links in Jumpchart is very similar to formatting internal links – except instead of putting the page name inside the brackets, you’ll put the external URL instead. So it’ll look something like this:

"Click here for more information!":http://www.jumpchart.com

Alternatively, you can use the link icon in the toolbar to format it for you.

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