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Cancel Your Account

How to Cancel

To cancel your account, go to the “Account” tab, accessible from the upper right menu of your Jumpchart homepage. Next to “Account,” click “Cancel Account.” A list of your current projects will be displayed, and you’ll be asked to confirm your decision.

Please Note: This is a permanent action, and it can’t be undone. If you want to use Jumpchart again in the future, you’ll have to set up a brand new account. If your end goal is to stop payment, you can downgrade your plan to a free account instead of canceling. That way you will still have access to your projects should you need them in the future.

When you’re sure you want to cancel, click “Go ahead, delete my account” and you’re done.

But dang it!

We sure are sorry to see you go. If you’d like to share why you’re canceling, please send us a note at support@jumpchart.com. We’re always striving to improve.

What happens when I cancel my plan?

Any time you’re billed by Jumpchart, that payment is final. If you make changes to your plan, or cancel your plan completely, your changes will be reflected on the next billing statement.

That said, we’re not jerks about billing, so if you feel like you deserve to not be billed, or to have your bill pro-rated and you have a good reason, get in touch and we’ll talk about it.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.Contact Support