Jumpchart Help

Adding or Removing a Page

Website planning happens in flux, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. So add and remove pages till your heart’s content and get it juuuust right. Here’s how.

Add a Page

To add a new page, click the plus sign icon in the menu bar in the upper left corner of your project. Then you’ll give the page a name, and click the box if you want it to be a subpage. If you do want it to be a subpage, it’ll be a child page of the page you’re on. (We may have won the award for using “page” the most times ever in that previous sentence.)

If you want it to be a top level page, though, leave the box unchecked. And remember, you can always drag and drop the pages to reorganize them later.

Delete a Page

To remove a page from your Jumpchart project, click on the page you want to delete. Then click “Settings,” which is located just underneath the content.

From there, click “Delete page” to remove the page and all its content. If it’s a top level page, all its subpages will be removed as well.

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