Designers, See the Big Picture Clearly. 

Design is everything in its right place. Jumpchart was made so you and your creative team can see the website plan’s big picture before it’s even a picture at all.

Design Tells A Story

Design tells a story… 

And you already know the ending. Take advantage of Jumpchart’s intuitive interface and aerial imagery to figure out how to get your user exactly where they need to be. It all starts with a plan – Jumpchart is your blueprint. 

Design Problem

Design solves a problem…

Take the viewer on a journey. One that knows where they came from, and where they want to go. One that understands the pitfalls they’ve encountered and hurdles they must jump through to get what they want. Lead them down a path that is straight, but if they look closely they’ll find offshoots that promise entertainment, interactivity, and information right where they expect it to be. Jumpchart lets you see what is, so you can imagine what can be. 

Design Hierarchy

Design addresses hierarchy…

Your writers will do their part of putting the words with the header, so you know the h1. is the most important thing on the page, the h2. comes next and so on. Use Jumpchart as your guide as you bring the website’s plan to life, pixel by pixel, keeping the integrity of the content in tact the whole time.

Design Communication

Design requires two-way communication…

Website planning assumes teamwork. Jumpchart accounts for minds working together toward a common goal, and lays the groundwork for creative cohesion to happen from the very beginning of a website project. Leave comments on a page-by-page basis, and don’t just work with your team. Work alongside your team. Wherever they are.

Design Tidy

Design doesn’t have to be messy…

Gather resources right in Jumpchart so you don’t have to spend time hunting down references or threads. The plan is there when you need it, and you can measure your designs against it up to the very end to make sure you’re telling the right story.

Designing a website doesn’t have to be messy. 

We think you’ll love having a solid foundation to design from, and refer to throughout your project. 

Pick Your Plan and Start Designing with Jumpchart.