Jumpchart for Designers

Jumpchart IS Design

Design is everything in its right place. Jumpchart was made so you and your creative team can see your designs and site mockups where they will actually live. Of course, website architecture is always in flux. But that’s okay. If other team members rearrange the architecture, your jpegs follow along.

Design tells a story…

So take advantage of Jumpchart’s intuitive interface to figure out how a user can get to a destination and design accordingly. Then upload and assign mockups to the necessary web page and alert the relevant clients and teammates, whether it’s freelance graphic designers working remotely or a graphic designer sitting right next to you at the agency.

The client had feedback…

Obviously, but with Jumpchart’s website planning software you don’t have to dig through servers or email threads. View client feedback right on the actual mockups.

“Actually we liked the first one…”

Happens sometimes. All good. Jumpchart automatically version controls all your mockups. And it’s super easy to see which logos, layouts and webpages have been approved.

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