Jumpchart for Copywriters

Using Jumpchart to Write Website Copy

Websites are built from good writing. No matter how great the design, no matter how wonderful the programming, eventually people have to actually read a website. At Paste, we’re advocates of starting the development of websites with copywriting. We think a well-designed website is built around its content, not vice-versa.

Organizing the Content for a Website With Jumpchart.

Jumpchart is designed to help you organize content into a hierarchical structure representing the navigation of a website. Simply, collaboratively, and with little consequence for changing your mind.

In the past you might have tried:

While these may be workable solutions, they’re not ideal.

Features of Jumpchart for Copywriters:

Anywhere, Anytime, Easy.

We think you’ll really love organizing website copy in Jumpchart. It’s fast, lightweight, and empowering.

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