Writers, Get Out Of Your Inbox.

Between napkins, notebooks, stray pieces of paper, laptops, tablets, phones, and crazy busy schedules, it’s no wonder writers can be a little all over the place. Jumpchart offers a place for all that to live. A place for you and your content to call home.
So whether you’re writing website content, putting together a social media campaign, drafting a blog article, fleshing out a video script, or ghostwriting for a third party site, you can keep it all organized in Jumpchart.


Versatile and Flexible for Writers

There’s no mobile app to download, nothing to install. Jumpchart lives in your browser, so you get a consistent and clean experience no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Distraction Free

Distraction-Free Writing Experience

We’re suckers for a clean interface. It’s one of our favorite things about writing inside Jumpchart. Straightforward, ridiculously simple, your thoughts meet the page. Format ‘till your heart’s content.


Get Feedback From Your Editors

If you need approval on a piece of content, want to share progress with a client, or need your team to review an entire content strategy plan, you can do so right in Jumpchart. Send them a preview link so they can check out what you’ve done. Or, invite them to your project. Let them read your work. Let them comment on your work. Heck, let them edit your work. (Don’t worry, you can always revert back to your original version. Whew!)


Do You Specialize?
Use Jumpchart to Write Website Copy

Websites are built from good writing. No matter how great the design, no matter how wonderful the programming, eventually people have to actually read a website. At Paste, we’re advocates of starting the development of websites with copywriting. We think a well-designed website is built around its content, not vice-versa.


Organizing the Content for a Website

Jumpchart is designed to help you organize content into a hierarchical structure representing the navigation of a website. Simply, collaboratively, and with little consequence for changing your mind. (Thank heavens…)


In the past you might have tried:

  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint
  • Diagrams that abstractly relate to other documents

While these may be workable solutions, they’re not ideal.
Here’s why:

  • They make it difficult to collaborate with multiple parties.
  • They’re not illustrative of true navigation and hierarchy.
  • They provide no useful way to transition into the next phase of development.

Let’s Recap. Features of Jumpchart for Copywriters:

  • Organization in a naturally disorganized profession.
  • Attach photos and files directly to the pages they belong on.
  • Understand your project’s big picture view with a versatile sitemap.
  • Quickly outline the architecture of a site and change your mind easily.
  • Gather feedback on your writing, controlling who can change what.
  • Understand your project’s big picture view with a versatile sitemap. 
  • Set up often-used bits of text as snippets to speed up your writing.
  • Export clean XHTML/CSS or Wordpress when you’re ready to send to the developer.

Anywhere, Anytime. Easy.

We think you’ll really love organizing website copy in Jumpchart. It’s fast, lightweight, and empowering.

Pick Your Plan and Start Writing with Jumpchart.