What’s new in Jumpchart? Content imports.

Easy Page Imports

We know how challenging it is to work with text when you’re rewriting a pre-existing site, so we made it way easier with single-page imports. Now, instead of copying and pasting the text over, you have a new option to import existing page content with a few clicks.

Import Content From the Web Right Into Jumpchart

Save time by pasting in the URL you want to import and we’ll do the rest. We’ll import and format PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs so you can see what you’re working with.

You’ll get a clean Markdown/Textile version to work from so you can reformat, rewrite, and work with the text without wasting time copying and pasting. Learn more about imports here.

Tell Us What You Think

This is a beta feature, which means we’d love to hear how you like it so we can keep improving. Have some ideas you want to share? Tweet @_paste or email us at support@jumpchart.com to provide feedback.