What’s new in Jumpchart? Files library and more.

Files organized in a line.

File Library

We’re dedicated to bringing you smart features that make web planning a breeze. Small updates may seem like no big deal, but when they shave minutes off your work day, you’ll be lucky Jumpchart has your back.

Managing Your Files In a Snap.

You’ve always been able to manage your files, but now, all of your uploads are housed in one location. You can update your file names directly from your file library, or adjust them during the upload stage for on-the-go access.

With a dedicated file library, you’ll be able to manage and organize your files, reference previously updated files, and see what items are missing.

Get to your file library from your main project page. Hover over the project you want to work on and click the Files button. You’ll see your new and improved file library. Projects with tons of pages can now handle all of that content easily.

We think this small change will help make the web planning process easier for you. Ready to see how the files library works? Log in to get started.